Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Simon says? No, this Simon knows.

Simon embodies simplicity. His expression depicts a cat who knows what pleasure is: "pleasure is the end... freedom from pain in the body and trouble in the mind," as Epicurus suggests in "Letter to Menoeceus". I love to take a moment to watch Simon observing his world and taking it all in.  For example, right now he sits and stares out the back kitchen window, gently swaying along with the cool breeze that is coming inside, watching the birds, staying close to me. Other times I watch him stretch out to take in some afternoon or morning sun, rolling from one side to the other, sunning all parts equally. He does not preoccupy himself with food and water, as he knows he can trust his roommates to provide for his needs. He is different from our other feline roommate, Pumpkin, who insistently makes demands using her soft cries... "open this door" or "turn on the faucet, but just enough" or "don't hold me, let me sit here as I wish".... Pumpkin is sweet, while Simon is cool.

Simon knows that taking in a morning or an evening curled up inside someone's arms who loves you can be one of life's greatest pleasures.

Simon knows to not be afraid of a thunderstorm and instead takes the opportunity to nap.

Simon knows that a little exercise is good but not to overdo it.

Simon knows that his surroundings will provide for his needs.

On this journey of finding more simplicity, I elect Simon as my guide.